Thinking Skills

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."

Albert Einstein


What is metacognition? by Edutopia

Habits of Mind Animations: Thinking & Communicating with Clarity & Precision

Thinking about thinking

This is called metacognition!


40 reflection questions to scaffold student thinking by Edutopia.

7 important questions to ask yourself:

1. what should I do first?

2. Can I explain what I have learned?

3. Is anything confusing to me?

4. Should I ask for extra help?

5. Why did I get this answer wrong?

6. Can I apply this in different contexts?

7. How can I do better next time?


Creating your own board game

Create a digital story

How to make your own trading cards game by hand

Design a poster in CANVA

How to make a chatterbox

Snakes and Ladders template 2.docx

Snakes and ladders game

A game using design thinking behaviours


Using Primary and Secondary resources

(OSLIS Elementary Videos)

Using newspapers and online articles


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Time for Kids USA

News for Kids

BTN (Behind The News) Australia

Developing a Research Question


Steely Library NKU

5 ways to spot fake news (Commonsense Media)

Be a critical thinker!